Friday, April 28, 2017


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Such are stars, to numbers cling,
But grains of sand to futility;

Fireworks explode in colours bring,
Feet, imprint on beach tranquility;

Cupped ocean, in a seashell will sing,
Meandering sands, skirt tides agility;

Oh thou creation, by word thus to spring,
Sand, lend dreams and castles possibility.
A GRAIN OF SAND © gillena cox 2017

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Midweek Motif
A grain of Sand, prompted by Sumana


28 April 2015


Folks, I must be some kind of Sand Nut; here's more sand - read more
desert sand
Time Written In Sand
wet hot sand
barefooted sand
hot sand
sand between our toes
voices cry, in sand
along the sand
wet sand
fallow sand


But there's no sand in the music, still, Enjoy!!!