Thursday, September 3, 2015


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Mouth-watering promise, thin, wafer like
Fleeting, yet satisfying, cloud like
Seemingly angelic words, emit light
Or light emitting words, when however
A dream embodies its way in, ever
Never allude to doubt, for surely
Stars are alive. watching, merely
Holding words the weight of wisdom
Yet of ages still to come
That day, that night, that grasp of intervening
Heart hears, mind sears, reeling
On the eons of moonbeams, whirling
Set in proscribed readiness gear
Guardian Faith admonish fear
“Taste and see that the Lord is good”
And yes, its all good,
For a pirouette into constancy,
Now pivots this soul.
© gillena cox

Written for the prompt
Midweek Motif ~ Watershed Moments

My husband whom i loved dearly, left, after seven years of marriage, on the pretext of going away to further his studies. Left me with a broken heart, two adorable children and yes the feeling that he's coming back soon everything will be alright. This feeling phased into a reality of abandonment, fear and disillusion.
Hmm, all that holy water in the font, (i'm Catholic), and i would leave church, still feeling angry; till one very early dawn (1995), i experienced a wide awake, dream like experience, when a voice spoke to me, in a beam of light. That, somehow, transformed me into an enduring faith filled person. Sorry no turning back; come what may.
Though still married, i am living alone, and loving my lonesome life. My children are happily grown, and i'm now a grandmother of a lovely little two-going-on-three-year old girl. I feel blessed, even on the worst of days.