Tuesday, September 20, 2022


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 TRYST: A Fold poem
What shall i cook for you my dear?

Paprika sonnet red as eventide?

Russet as a sky in setting gear,

Warm as a kiss on a cooling breeze?

Somber lemongrass for you my dear.

How shall we sup this night then?

On holy vanilla cuddles? where

Coriander and cinnamon dilly dally,

Between verse and rhyme? fear

Not the passion of a ginger sweet tryst.

With dill and thyme i woo you my dear.

 TRYST © gillena cox 2022

NOTE: How to construct The Fold Poem HERE and HERE


Poetics: Spicing it Up

I used from, list of spices and related words: Cinnamon Coriander Ginger Lemongrass  Paprika Vanilla Thyme Dill