Wednesday, April 29, 2020


Here in the silence, birthing a new normal
Today, life stretches and life ponders,
And life slowly releases, strings informal,
Which binds history and legend, and
All that makes sense, birthing a new normal
Today. This expanse of imagination: fertile,
Vivid, lucid, as wildflowers vital
In and to every sphere of existence,
For the sustainable continuation, shall
Bring us forth mightly wiser, as
Humans, birthing a new normal.
NEW NORMAL(Fold) © gillena cox

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Weekly Scriblings #17: For certain, it's enjambment

[Challenged by Sanaa: today to write using the literary device Enjambment. Feel free to address the current world situation, or perhaps delve into a memory of your own. Challenge the reader, surprise us with humor and wit, go solemn and dark or perhaps tender and romantic. The possibilities are endless! ]

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