Friday, January 27, 2017


[image from pixaby dot com]

At center, core place of wisdom,
Where seateth cadi and conspirator,
Life thrums cords, to flow streams
Of tiny worlds in suspension

Monuments dissipate, age upon age
In snail like pace, beneath stunning sun
And whispering moon unheard;
Simple sacrifices to unsuitable deity

Its much more complicated, dare to say
When ceremonious juggle of bone,
And grit, wager for satiety, at the cost
Of barriers and borders embroidered.
TIME WRITTEN IN SAND © gillena cox 2017

27th January 2015
27th January 2016

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Titles inspired by the poetic words of William Butler Yeats has in turn inspired Kerry to present us with 2 lists of words. We were challenged: Use a minimum of THREE words (or derivatives) in a new poem on a subject of your choice. Additionally, you may choose further words from these two sources.