Thursday, March 15, 2018


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You have deepened and come full strength this March.
We basked in your drizzles and spontaneous showers to start.
Even within those day of Carnival sass,
Knowing full well it will surely pass.
So January and February's tease alas,
Have petered out now, to your full blast.

The ice cold beer seems so much more appealing.
With tea left in the refrigerator cooling.
The whirr of the fan these days seems a must,
And such is fitting i tell you, and just.
For your feverishly rising temperature,
Approaching Easter, is oh so familiar.

Arid the mountains then, until when in June,
Will once again rains come, and narry too soon.
So alas and adieu;
A cold sip now for sure.
DEAR DRY SEASON © gillena cox 2018

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15 March 2015