Tuesday, April 4, 2017


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Inky dark the night
And moonless the sky
For Most-Wicked-est the wand
Had plucked out the moon

The Star Group held witness
To this heinous act
And hurried to a place
More beyond than the sky

Here he dwelleth
The one they called The Highest
Seated on a throne
Most magnificent
Most beautiful

Star Group bowed in reverence
He touched their points so lightly
They blurted out
The plight of the sky

The Highest listened and nodded
And shone in wrath
How! Dare! He!
Thundered The Highest

And the great beyond trembled
At his voice
His sylla-bells reached
The thousand air-drums
Of Most-Wicked-est
Who heard and heard and shook
In a tizzy of petrified fright

The moon dropped
And bounced twice
Then rose as if helium sated
To its place in the sky

I tell you this tale
I tell you in truth
For dramas so many
Are witness only
To star dust clusters
OF STAR DUST AND NIGHT SWOON © gillena cox 2017

Happy Birthdays to
Magaly Guerrero and Rommy Driks,
on April 5th and 28th 

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4 April 2015