Tuesday, August 31, 2021


image from dVerse

NOW voiced by gillena cox

The empty street leads to the mountain

Where clouds sit upon

Looking down at us lowly creatures

In our houses

Hiding away from pandemic viruses

Once upon a time 

We flooded the beach sands with our footsteps




Like children just discovering what joy is

And today

The silence wraps us in warm hugs

The kind we want to shrug off

But we know 

They are the best we should have NOW.

NOW © gillena cox 2021


This was a hard challenge for me. I voiced my poem on my phone but could not upload it. Then i tried voicing again directly to the post but it was not accepted so i had to go to my  laptop and  tried to up load the voiced recording to sound cloud only to be more confused and frustrated. I could only get it uploaded if i included it making it into a video. Only then it could be accepted to the post

Hope  you enjoy this attempt


31 August 2021
31 August 2017
31 August 2015

Happy 59th Anniversary of Independence to us here in T&T
even though our beaches are still in lockdown, we are still observing curfew hours,
we are vaccinating and looking forward to better days