Saturday, November 28, 2015


photos of me dread

Square pegs are not for round craters
That is if you want a fitted match
Apples are fruit and so are tomatoes
Sometimes distance is minuscule
Not like stars or dreams
I'm always in dread of being lumped in goo
Like not too nicely done oatmeal
How many times have i said to my children
"Well i'm not such and such's mum, so NO!!!"
Oh and; this is a good one - " i'm not You women
I am A woman"
On a sandy beach no one dares counting particles
yet, how lovely the layout
Square pegs can fill a round basket
I used to be dread (smiles)
No, no no
Not evil scary dread; dread.
DREAD © gillena cox

Written for
Imaginary Garden With Real Toads
Fireblossom Friday: Dread
I choose to write a fun piece; lightheartedness is what i do best