Friday, August 12, 2016


[Image 'Grande Anse Beach' from yahoo dot com]

Leaving Scarborough, when you stopped by the women selling the benne balls, they smiled with you a welcoming smile, though you were leaving to get on the boat to go back home.

my initials carved
on the trunk of a tree -
roots of ancients

The sea grapes are green. They do well to hide among the leaves. Looking out at the beautiful crystal sea, a jet of sea spray follows the water skier. Puffy white clouds fashion the sky - Grand Anse beach St Georges.

flip flops prove
tedious senseless foot wear -
wet sand hot sand

There at Portobello Road, there where the hagglers meet to bargain, just for the tradition of buying and selling in this particular way, I share my smile to a click of the camera . London is foggy I expected a Caribbean kind of sunshine, after all, they told me it was summer

bubble gum ice cream -
a distant tinkling now
growing soft softer

A SNIPPET OF THREE CITIES © gillena cox 2016

Benne balls - a sweet made from sesame seeds

[image from yahoo dot com]

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