Thursday, February 1, 2018


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Walk along the Main Road,
The doubles vendors are crowded in
By eager feasters;
Some having breakfast,
Some having a bite after all night hangovers.

The seller umbrellas spread like roofs
Over cozy little huts,
Where there is family to be fed;
The measure of hot sauce to be added:
Slight pepper, or heavy.

Doubles vendors are male, female, or,
Whole families plying their fast tasty wares;
Some queues are long and winding,
Some, arcs upon arcs of circles,
Jostling for this street delight.

But what of the young man,
Carrying a backpack,
At ten in the morning, in the Season of Carnival,
Standing, right there in the Doubles vendor's spot;

Where could he buy doubles;
Clearly, a stranger to the culture of buyers;
They come out early in the morning,
Buy, eat-up the doubles,
Then the vendors pack up, and leave for the day.
A STRANGER ASKING © gillena cox 2018

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