Thursday, April 12, 2018


When i stand, staring at the mountains.
From whence a thousand words fountain
Meanderings, to my muse, only she hears;
Oftentimes, of this i am most certain.

Such colours are of the rainbow blessed;
Trees, birds, flowers, variously dressed,
Representing a romp of creation's idea.
To planet earth, all of which is bequest.

A sip of coffee in morning reverie,
Of rain, sunshine, warmth, and every
Utterance of birdsong beneath clouds.
Chance laughter to fill day's glory.

Those days, memories play in mind's garden,
Smiles wonder at youth's ego, oh pardon;
The wild spurts of youthful brashness
These figures add up to favourful laden
PONDERING MORNING © gillena cox 2018

Mountain 2015
Morning 2016
Coffee 2017

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