Friday, February 3, 2017


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I have not beauty of stars,
Nor rhythm of oceans deep;
I lack the nectar of a dewy dawn,
No whistles to throttle a chime;
No salt to shed a sorrow borne,
I'm void of sunny winds,
Without a halo and absent of colour;
What jewel dazzles a rainy day?
No muse to reply in rainbows

A dragon grins in skins of
Fiery wealth, stolen from souls,
Of blind sight, where opened stones,
Wide in galactic expanses, shatter
The magnitude of eons,
Waiting forever, in blank canvases,
From whose words doth jingle warbles,
To strand hairs of maidens gold,
In towers atop metrical, molds of clay

Bird song
Shape thee message of morning,
Holding by your quill a word,
Small and round,
Where completion folds away,
The carpet if night existed;
Fly by magicians!
They have missed the moon,
Targeted in love tantrums;
Too many robes drape them.
ALL FOR NOUGHT © gillena cox 2017

Process Note: ALL FOR NOUGHT, i finished today, a poem i have been working on for a while, After reading the bards That Sanaa have listed for us today, i think it come closest to William Wordsworth - The Table Turned So i'm launching into battle! with the bard, William Wordsworth.

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Writing is both mask and unveiling. (Battle of the Bards) – [40]

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