Thursday, August 31, 2017


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Jack clambered up the bean stalk
And there he was with a fee fie foo fum
The giant, a monstrous gawk

Had he climbed higher, high enough

To touch the sun
He would have seen and non too soo
A mun starr eyeing Houston
Big enough to overshadow the moon

Had he climbed high, and kept on climbing

He would have heard the whispers
From down below solar eclipse sol ar e clipse sola
Eclipse becoming clearer and crisper
Rising to a holler

Had he climbed higher, high enough

He would have seen him falling, falling falling
Collapsed from sun burns
And his tears the rivers and dams filling
Poured in like ashes to an urn

Had he claimed high, and kept on climbing

With those whose every possession was caught
In a flood, where no oracle prophesied an ark
Jack would have heard the sobs of those fraught
A people ravished by his fall, his mark

Had he climbed higher, high enough

He would have heard a name through distraught sobs
Called out "Harvey"
But no he just grabbed the goose and other such dobs
And down the bean stalk he went in a jarvie
HAD HE CLIMBED HIGHER © gillena cox 2017

[video courtesy imaginary garden & you tube]

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August 31 2015