Tuesday, May 12, 2020



In her backyard garden one pigeon pea shrub scrubbed the wall as the wind blew

A lazy housewife, no not she, she served her husband more so, as her children grew

Aurora and her girl pals, planned to go watch the masquerade bands
Sitting under the covered stands

In her basket a pot of tasty pelau
With the pigen peas she picked from her garden she cooked

She knew nothing of Reine des Glaces
Her salad was of locally grown leaves of lettuce

This was Port of Spain Trinidad after all,
She had bought her greens from a farmer's stall
PELAU IN D' BASKET © gillena cox 2020

Blog hopping today with

Purple Patch
Challenged by Sarah to plant her a poetry patch by choosing a few vegetable names from the list she has provided
[Black Beauty. Trail of Tears. Lazy housewife
Princess.Purple queen.Jacob’s cattle.The Czar.Wizard.Golden acre.Dazzling blue.Purple sword.Jack Ice.Reine des Glaces.Blue fire.Aurora]