Wednesday, July 22, 2015


He crept in like a recalcitrant lover,
Today's sunshine.

After all the mellifluous drumming,
Yesterday, on my tin roof,
She, that good ole nurturer,
Rain has gone her way

I feel his warmth, brush against my skin,
My eyes open, a sun kissed day.
Now sky is polished bright in optimal gleam.
Cloud puffs appear in a whimsical drift,
As if smiling at sun's trysts, of yesterday.

All is well, as well will be, like the union of
Night and day. Yin and yang.

A metallic sound, a tinkling of chimes,
Tried to call attention, but a raucous din,
Of passing birds, exclaimed to poet's ear,
To words and to wit.
© gillena cox 2015

Written in response to Susan's prompt today
Poets United Midweek Motif ~ Unity


3WW #347

optimal polished metallic