Tuesday, January 14, 2020


My lines of inspiration :
Next year's Christmas letter would be from both of them. It would be all about how happy they were...and every word would be true. page 269 Christmas Letters by Debbie Macomber

For the prompt by Mish
#1. Choose a book that is physically close to you right now. Ok, it might not be the first one within reach. I will never know. Turn to the LAST page. Read the last one or two lines. Let these words stir your poetic soul and write a poem.

Sometimes events are inevitable
Kismet of the un-ponderable

Even when life throws a punch
And time ducks to a zero crunch

Crystal ball clouds clear to minnion
Freedom gallops like a wild stallion

Ah but the one yielding the lasso
A garment of fastening she will sew

So fast and precise in catching
The well caught, the unsuspecting

A chorus of hoorahs to this cause
Romance needs every applause
KISMET © gillena cox

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