Saturday, December 9, 2017


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garden blossom
morning glum fades
pick some jasmine
try to sing while
you win your cheer
now to share with
true care awhile
THAN BAUK [1] JASMINE © gillena cox 2017

Marian introduces us today to The Than Bauk
x x x R
x x R x
x R x x
i wrote a chain of 3
x x x A
x x A x
x A x B
x x B x
x B x C
x x C x
x C x x

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Free spirit that is me
Your indiscretion does not hold me
Nor does your weakness destroy me

Born to soar on eagle heights, me
I look down on a world made for me
A screech sculpted is left by me

So even after this planet audieu by me
Should in gentles ripples be glad of me
Your bullying will not eliminate me
WHY EAGLES SOAR © gillena cox 2017

In her prompt The Silence Breakers
Sherry says "The rise of this movement, during a year when the political regime is trying to roll women's rights back into the 1950's, is stirring our souls. The "Me, too" movement includes just about everyone we know - millions of women are coming into the light of day and speaking out. We are saying "Enough!" "

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