Tuesday, January 17, 2023


[Snowflakes wallapaper from bing.com]


This is strange all very strange.

Outside the air is like an airconditioned shopping mall;

Inside the shopping mall its surprisingly warm,

I'm wearing one of my sister's coats,

Going to buy a pair of high heeled boots that go way up to my calves.

Christmas reindeers with red noses

are visible on high shelves.

I haven't heard a parang tune; not a single one.

This is strange all very strange.

Everywhere i go they must be steering at my wide-eyed amazement.

I haven't seen a green tree about;

You know, like the mango Vere tree across the street back home, 

even though it bears no mangoes this time of the year. 

But there will be a kiskadee perched,

On the topmost branch. 

How they stay there,  it never ceases to amaze me.

This is strange all very strange.

I wouldn't say i am easily amazed,

But just that some things are truly amazing;

Like when my sister calls me to the half opened door.

There are white feathery thingies falling from the sky,

My natural response to this awesome spectacle is to cup my hands, 

trying to capture a handful.

Oh so this is what snowflakes are 

All about!

I am a happy tourist to a winter sky.

This is strange all very strange.

No way no how will i ever see that back home.

We buy at Christmas time decorations: baubles, 

a gauzy stuff called angel hair, and packs of course white granules labled snow. 

FIRST SNOW© gillena cox 2023