Wednesday, December 13, 2017


[ Kenderson Noray / Parranderos from google dot com/ fair use]

The paranderos of old
Their story told
By aginaldos sung
House to house all around
Rum flowed
Chac chacs swirled
The skirts of women merry
Christmas they did carry
In every glint of sunshine
In every beam of moonshine
Wives scorned husbands gone
Galavanting from dawn to dawn
Till the season simmered to an end
Till the season simmered to an end
SERENAL © gillena cox 2017


1. Trinidadian Aguinaldo or Serenal is a music genre used in Parang (Parranda) a type of Christmas music that came to Trinidad and Tobago from Venezuela...

2. galavanting to wander about seeking pleasure or diversion; gad

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Sumana prompts "Celebrations compel all to look forward to it, to have fun, to enjoy, to de-stress...Celebrations are part of our lives bestowing a sense of belonging, recognizing, strengthening and honoring relationships & also adding a purpose to life..."

Enjoy the Music

Enjoy the Music
13 December 2015