Wednesday, November 1, 2017


I'll document today to the saint of hope in azure skies,
In yellow breast of kiskadee, fluttering through leafy bowers,
To hummingbird visits, even though skittish and fleeting.

I'll document today to the saint of faith,
In the Autumn of my friends far across the oceans deep and wide,
As i sweep and heap yellow Plumeria leaves fallen
In golden Caribbean sunlight right here in my backward.

I'll document today to the saint of trust;
believing in tomorrows as i watch butterfly wings
Open and close over straddled wild Fever Few flowers,
And that dove who hears my footsteps
But decides its time to flee,
Her brown feathers taken in flight of my gaze,
You flee, still i see you.

I'll document today to the saint of gratitude,
As the old mango stump stands,
Weather eaten and decaying
Over the fresh pink blossoms of Vinca,
Seated near the speckled pink of green Elephant Ears,
In harmonious conversation of garden dwelling.

I'll document today to the saint of thanksgiving;
For the raindrops of yesterday
And the fresh dew-dropped morning light of today
Knowing some who hunger will be fed still
A daily bread by some saints
Today and tirelessly tomorrow.
DOCUMENTING SOME SAINTS © gillena cox 2017

A Happy ALL SAINTS DAY To all Visitors today. May we strive to rhythm our footsteps to those of the saints

1 November 2016

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