Thursday, December 21, 2017


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Twinkles off a thousand stars
in a dance of creation's tuning
meeting of spirit and mind twirl
like spiders to web design spinning

Seers of future molding realities
transports unseen to tangible form
music going on and on into distance
where upon tomorrow quells the storm

Of yesterday and further back
plugs them into the hope and care
of broken dreamers
piecing Christmas together as prayer
CHRISTMAS LIGHTS © gillena cox 2017

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Writing Exercise (For Days of Little Time/ No Muse)
Karin's Challenge and rules [in a nutshell]: Take a letter, let a random word beginning with that letter arise in your mind, and then.... follow my other rules below!
(i) on your first draft, keep your pen (or typing digits) moving. (This is incredibly important if you are “making” yourself write.)
Also on this first draft: do not cross out; do not go back to fix; simply keep your pen (or fingers) moving ahead.
Keep the flow going for a certain span of time. Five minutes, ten minutes. It will be useful to set the time in advance. Do not make your time too long--ten minutes max
Now, you should have your first draft. Of course, you should feel free to revise it! You absolutely should revise it!
Keep in mind that the point of this prompt is really the exercise, not the particular theme.
So, first, remember that your piece does not need to have anything much to do with your letter or that word that came to mine. These are only jumping-off points.
Second, please try to use the technique to write something new,

When earth steals the twinkles off a thousand stars, and plugs them into the hopes and cares of broken dreamers, night mimics galaxies miles and unfathomable miles away, where only the seers of future molding realities like spinning spiders to web of design, transports the unseen to tangible form, thers is where at the edge of horizons meeting of spirit andmind twirl in adance of creations's tuning, the music going on and on far into the distace of yesterday and back to tomorrow

21 December 2014