Saturday, July 16, 2016


This is a 1993 photo ( me in a hand-printed batik outfit) taken in the St Georges Grenada, market. Two places i always would go when i visited Grenada, were Grand Anse Beach and The Market in St Georges. The energy in the market is vivid and alluring and as a tourist, the prices were always special, not higher , lower for the island spices which i luv. I always bought my mother a swizzle stick, which they make from a tree folks call Swizzle Stick Tree(don't know if that is the scientific name for the tree)

cinnamon and clove
to this new millenium -
their scents follow me
© gillena cox 2016


['Blue Calm Painting by Caroline Philp ' from google dot com]

It was from a little brook
To ponder this pebble I took
Smooth as glass
A wee tiny mass
That so many others forsook
© gillena cox 2016

written for
Weekend Mini Challenge - In the Market for Poems


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