Wednesday, May 15, 2019


This poem is a young family
This poem sits in Savannah grass
This poem is time out

She toddles up close to the pond,
But before she dares step in,
Dad grabs her struggling arms.
Mum smiles through pink lipstick;

Poui abloom against azure sky,
Kites vie in competitive swoops,
This wind knows how to lift a skirt,
Better then to sit or wear jeans.

This is all good, a Sunday in
The season of Easter, a basket
Stays the kente cloth spread, and
Cheese sandwiches taste better.

A young family fills this poem
Sprawled out on the Savannah greens
For a Sunday afternoon picnic.
THE PICNIC © gillena cox 2019

#NOTE: In the above poem The original 'Boomerang Metaphor form' is corrupted, as the title does not include the BM refrain and the last verse strays a bit from the The original form, in the way the verse 1, is repeated in the verse 4

Happy 2019 International Day of Families: Theme "Families and Climate Action

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