Friday, October 20, 2017


[image from google dot com]

aaw October you be Merry-go-sorry
for while some be celebrating
some be Awhape to soooo much rain
and the flood waters rising
no Slug-a-beds the devotees of light
for they put the tiny deyas on the stands
still they lit the flames on their miraculous night
SNOUT-FAIR THE NIGHT © gillena cox 2017

Written for Awhape me! at the imaginary garden

Paul prompted: giving us a list of 30 words from the English language that have fallen out of our consciousness and conversation that might conceivably make a comeback.

In my poem i used:
Snout-fair:Having a fair countenance; fair-faced, comely, handsome
Merry-go-sorry: A mixture of joy and sorrow
Awhape: To amaze, stupefy with fear, confound utterly
Slug-a-bed: One who lies long in bed through laziness

Shubh Divali 2017