Wednesday, January 22, 2020


photo haiku reposted from Lunch Break

The sea is all around us, hugging us.
They call us island people
People with salt in our soul and sweetness in our smiles
So tasty, we just cannot be still;
Like the waves in our vast hugging sea.

We talk in rhythm, walk in rhythm,
A sea of colour surges through,
Our Carnival days, a non- rainbow rainbow
Which arcs, into a melting pot of island people;
Steel pan, tassa, soca; we are.

So tasty, we build our castles of sand and,
Dig buckets of chip-chip to take home to curry

Days of plunder at sea; the gun powder days,
We place our oppression in museums,
And free ourselves in the unity of culture.
We walk the beaches leaving footprints wet;
All of us, island people.
HUGGED BY THE SEA © gillena cox 2020

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It's Carnival Season here in T&T
CARNIVAL PAST: photos © gillena cox