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Monday WRites 129

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This is not a blame story [so men are not included in these paragraphs]. Sooo, any which way, one day, Despair, woke in a vainglorious mood, she put on her orange kimono and wrapped her gold obi around her waist. She burnt the incense sticks of purity and gave a blessing to her dead ancestors.
"Ha, what shall I do with my most beautiful self today?" she pondered silently. Her incongruous smile wandering across from ear to dainty ear. "Tsunami, maybe." She clapped her hands. "No! I will just simply change into another costume."

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So, she wrapped her locks in a bright coloured cloth, Kente, I believe they called it, for its striking pattern and colours, like an autumn field where maple trees grew. She wrapped her body in a fittingly matching cloth, kicked off her shoes, painted her toenails and stepped barefooted in the dusty path of that day, galaxies ago.

It so happened, there was a mighty fierce wind about, and it blew and blew, and she struggled and struggled, to keep her cloths from flying off. "Wretched wind!" she cursed. "I could silence you with a twirl of my wand." So, she twirled and she twirled, meaning to banish the wind to the depths of the sea, to rise, to wrecking havoc in Atlantic storms.

❧✿❧ But ❧✿❧

The wind blew and blew. And all around her was dust and dust. "How could this be?" she voiced her concern. Only to hear the reply. "I am the Most Mighty. And I bid you go to sleep for it is your nap time."

Most Mighty! she had never conceived of this concept before. Where was this coming from. But there it was, this wind that blew and blew. Suddenly she felt quite intimidated, and she also felt herself getting smaller and smaller. And Oh Good Heavens, she felt her coloured toenails disappearing

[caterpillar from my garden]

Next thing she knew, she was blown to a Plumeria, where, the intoxicating overpowering scent of white blossoms, forced her to feed a ravishing hunger. So she ate and ate. And ate and ate. Till she thought she would burst out of her new little self. Instead, she then got the sensation of one having been given beautiful stripped pyjamas and now losing them to the wind. she fell into a deep deep sleep.

[moth image from google dot com]

While she slept, she dreamed of costumes with wings called Hope, in beautiful colours. Not just the colours of her long discarded Kente, no. These were colours of a new Rainbow Existence. And the wings got to singing. Singing of something they called Hope. And she once again, felt she was being tossed, like a leafy yummy salad.

And, she felt she must, because of her vainglorious personality, change again her costume, for it was Halloween now. And, she did like to go trick or treating. And so, that night, a most interesting looking moth went-a-knocking on doors, in the neighborhood, gathering candy, as much as she could, galaxies ago.
HALLOWEEN TREATS © gillena cox 2017

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