Thursday, October 20, 2022


[The Birth if A Poem by Sehiry Reznichenko source]


Is then any tree a book?

Page after page,

Leaf after leaf of

Divine hieroglyphs thereof

Page after page.

Is then any ocean a magazine?

Wave after wave

Ripple after ripple of

Uncensored chirography hereof

Wave after wave.

Is then any Christmas a salvation?

Stable after stable

Of magi and of baby boy

 Message of redemption ploy?

Stable after stable.

Is then any pen a poet's arm?

Scribble after scribble 

Of  syllables utterable

A serving of words adorable

Scribble after scribble .

ON WRITING © gillena cox 2022

MTB: In a Roundabout Way 
challenged to write a roundaboutHere are the rules and structure:Four quintains (five-line stanzas) for a total of twenty linesIambic meter throughoutLines have 4;3;2;2;3 feet respectivelyLine 5 repeats line 2Rhyme scheme is aBccB bCddC cDaaD dAbbA[don't think i got the meter right though, so mine is an attempt at roundabout.Still hope you enjoy reading my poem 'On Writing']