Monday, January 14, 2019

Monday WRites 189

Words can be elusive shift-shapers.
There at the park to delight children;
Bouncy castle, slide, swing, these capers.
Blowing with wind on butterfly days,
Words, can be such elusive shift-shapers.
Should one fall into a deep dark chasm,
You should hear the scream of letters.
But when they fall to rest in community,
For endless hours, books of all papers,
Then, you can grab them and hold them.
No longer just words, or elusive shift-shapers.
SHIFT-SHAPERS © gillena cox 2019


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What are you reading? My last book for 2018 was Becoming i started reading it on Boxing Day it was also my first book for 2019; before which, I had read Hide And Seek and I am reading now Children of The Spider❧✿❧
You've heard about the Monday Blues ❧✿❧ well this is Monday WRites (musing on the definition here of rite, as any customary observance or practice eg the rite of afternoon tea). A Happy Monday to all
Welcome to Monday WRites #189, ❧✿❧ What's your mood like today ❧✿❧ I invite you to link in with one of your WRites.

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