Monday, August 14, 2017

Monday WRites 118

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A man of faith at,
The roadside sat,
A simple man, A beggar he;
Of another man heard he,
Called Jesus, an anointed one

God's only Son;
The beggar man, blind he was,
Bartimaeus son of Timaeus;

Jesus was passing along the road,
Where that beggar took up abode;
Summoning his faith he called to Him,
And, many tried to discourage him;
But, he called out louder and again,
For Jesus's attention, he must gain;

The beggar man,
That simple man,
Man of faith;

"Jesus, Lord, Son of David",
That was what he shouted;

And Jesus heard,
And Jesus answered,
That he be brought forward,
A meeting straightforward;

"What do you want of me"
"That I should see"
And by his faith thus stated
Was he a miracle awarded
He saw the road and followed

After Jesus
The beggar man
The simple man
Of faith
BEGGAR MAN AT THE ROADSIDE © gillena cox 2008 - A meditation on Mark Chapter 10
First published at Wordchimes dot com


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Posting an oldie today written in 2008❧✿❧ You've heard about the Monday Blues ❧✿❧ well this is Monday WRites (musing on the definition here of rite, as any customary observance or practice eg the rite of afternoon tea).
Welcome to Monday WRites #118, ❧✿❧ What's your mood like today ❧✿❧ I invite you to link in with one of your WRites ❧✿❧

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