Wednesday, January 23, 2019


[Poui Trees by Karin Best, from a google search. Fair use]

Time was, when folks saw the pinks of the Poui
around The Savannah and the yellows too,
children made kites from copy book pages.
The wind was right for kite flying.

Time was, you stayed home,
cause it was a holiday and,
children left their copy books in book bags,
going outside instead
to help put three/four grains of corn or pigeon peas
into holes in the backyard garden,
cause it rained, cause it was Corpus Christi
and folks knew that Rainy Season start.

Time was when it rained
It was Rainy Season,
children made paper boats from copy book pages.

Nowadays it rains and folks say, [thought] it was just a passing cloud, but is serious rain.
Nowadays at other times folks say [thought] it was Rainy Season, where de rain.
TIME WAS © gillena cox 2019

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