Tuesday, February 6, 2018


Like today, some mornings i awake, wearing my glum as if designer pyjamas, one should revel in with class. Ah but my heart cries out for solace. For is not joy, now my inheritance? I turn my heart in prayer to the One True God, who has given His Son in ransom for my life of grace and mercy.
Leaving the curtains drawn, in early morning dimness, with its timpani of raindrops, I light a candle, pick up my rosary and head out to sit in the gallery. The feel of the beads against my skin is enlivening, lifting my spirits as i chant my meditation, nonchalant about sky.
Oh but a magical, majestic pull lifts my eyes.

a rainbow arcs
its set pattern of colour
before my eyes

I continue in my rosary meditation, now with eyes peeled skyward, multitasking concentration.

the rainbow wanes
from right to left vanishing
to azure sky

My day is now set to the rhythm of poetry, to the majesty of nature's bounty, glum pyjamas prayerfully shed. I choose the garment of gratitude to revel with in joyfulness instead.

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