Saturday, July 23, 2016


[teapot image from google dot com]

we morph the way of cell phones
with this app and that
we list our various ring tones
wearing our collector's hat

hat app cat snap

our selfies take to feelings unwell
oh viral this oh viral that
over miles of cloudscapes to dwell
a new Narcissus brat

brat virus fat iris
TEA AND QUIRKY © gillena cox 2016

I set out to respond to 2. The Way of Tea: create a poem based on a quote by Sen No Rikyu, poet and tea aficionado
BUT it may also work for 3. Kerry’s Wednesday Challenge ~ Gods in Nature:
Written for Magaly's prompt today with 3 listed options
play it again toads
Imaginary Garden With Real Toads


  1. Love the quirkiness and the social commentary. We are morphing into something all right... and not all of it is awesome. But we'll find a way to keep it yummy, won't we?

    P.S. That image is fantastic! ♥

    1. Thanks for your appreciation Magaly

      Much love...

  2. I LOVE this:

    "over the miles of cloudscapes dwell
    a new Narcissus brat"

  3. This was cleverly done. I like how you melded two prompts to get the point across.

  4. Oh yes, I took it to work for both! :)

  5. I like the reference to that brat, Narcissis, and your clever word play between each stanza.

    1. Thank you for your appreciation Kerry

      much love...

  6. over the miles of cloudscapes
    dwell a new Narcissus brat

    A spoilt generation lazing away just thinking of selfies to prop up their importance.It is putting them on a road of boredom and under achievement. A dangerous trend.Truly said Gillena!


  7. Thanks for your appreciation Hank; and Oh i think i will edit that line to get more of a noun verb continued flow. I'll make dwell to dwell and omit 'the'

    much love..

  8. Ahh yes -- thank you for posting the tea ceremony video, so relaxing. Your poem causes me to think of where humanity is and where it is going -- how many of us are stopping to notice the other? What kinds of experiences are we savoring, or missing? Technology is indeed amazing but also frightening. Thanks for sharing, and keeping tough questions light!

  9. Thank you for your appreciation Stacie

    Much love...