Tuesday, November 10, 2015


Today's image, a photo of my pillow pal
Leo the lion cub.

In the lady's garden the elephant eats cabbages,
There among the tomatoes are also some radishes
He stops and he smiles
When his vet comes by
Fetching his naughty behind to bread and circuses
FLIPPED PAGES © gillena cox

Written for The Tuesday Platform
Imaginary Garden With Real Toads

# The Cambridge Dictionaries Online defines the phrase 'bread and circuses' as ​activities or ​official ​plans that are ​intended to ​keep ​people ​happy and to ​stop them from ​noticing or ​complaining about ​problems.
I used the phrase in this poem, pun intended.
I am presently reading with my book club, Water For Elephants by Sara Gruen.
FLIPPED PAGES, comments on a funny scene from the book
Although The Tuesday Platform is open mic,
Marian's introduction influenced my poem today.


  1. I like reading this, Gillena. Lots to identify with from here. We have a pet (a dog) pillow at our house, left by the grandchild who went off to college. Now our youngest grandchild claims it, but the pillow lives with us in a room the granddaughter calls hers.
    In the U.S, circuses are dropping the elephants due to animal rights groups demands. I have read "Water For Elephants" quite a while ago. At first I didn't want to read it for fear of running into elephant abuse by the trainers and handlers. But hardly any of this appeared, I was glad. It has a surprise ending, don't peek!
    "Water For Elephants" is now on my reading favorites list.

    1. (◕‿◕。) thanks for dropping in Jim and no i woldn't peek, will read it through

      much love...

  2. Your pillow pall is adorable. And I love that phrase... almost as much as I love Water for Elephants. What a tale!

  3. I saw the movie Water for Elephants..wasn't half bad. And that's such an interesting phrase..bread and circuses!

  4. I learnt something new today about 'bread and circuses'. Thanks Gillena.

  5. Thank you for the explanation! I enjoyed but at first didn't know what I was reading about. My ignorance of the book from which this springs.

  6. Thanks for dropping in to read mine Carol

    Much love...

  7. Between you and Jim, I am persuaded I must read that book! I enjoyed your poem. :)

  8. Who wouldn't when a vet usually comes with sharp needles to prick the rear! Playfully nice Limericks Gillena!


    1. Thanks for dropping in to read mine Hank

      Much love...