Tuesday, March 31, 2015


the wide street, is broad enough,
so cars, going up and down,
at the same time, move freely;
that is, if the drivers are courteous enough;
the pedestrian walk, is crackled;
and ever so often, watered down;
dont walk too hurriedly, well any way,
walk with careful caution, observing,
the high parts, and the low parts,
just like life’s undulating;
even though the air currents waft freely;
on a rainy day, when its all wet, even the crackled
grooves, are freed, from the pecking beaks of pigeons;
its awful though, when the men stop on the way,
for a casual pee, against some wall;
not every child, has a daddy with a car;
not every child’s hand, is held by mummy,
all the way to the school gate;
the garbage collectors, remove the trash early,
some days, some days not ;
ah yes! thoughts are sometimes, just observing,
assessing per diem, thespian’s roles and parts;
day moon can tell these stories better, way
way better.
© gillena cox

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  1. A wonderful 'sidewalk' write, Gillena. My favorite spot was the rainy day part. It reminded me some of our walks with the five-year-old to her school. More so the walk to down town Killarney from our B&B up on the hill a bit.
    And not always is the men and boy children who have to pee.

  2. Goody, a long poem from you! I walked right through this poem, observing everything. I love the idea of a day moon. I like it when they hang around but never thought to name them day moons. I will from now on.

    1. Thanks for your appreciation Sherry

      Much love...

  3. I second Sherry's delight in a longer poem from your pen. You reveal yourself to be a keen observer of the world around you and paint the scene with both emotion and detail. I enjoyed this very much.

  4. Whoa, whoa, I love this one. Wow. I love its form, all the phrases and commas and observations, just love it. I'm particularly fond of "life's undulating" right there in the middle... is life undulating? Or are we talking about the thing, the undulating as an object, part of life? Gosh I love that. Great one.

  5. Thanks for your appreciation Marian, the journey is an encounter of bumps and ridges, even on the straightest path

    Much love...

  6. Gillena - so lovely to see you here... "even the crackled grooves are free" terrific images:)

  7. Thanks for your appreciation Pearl

    much love...

  8. Writers are always observers of the passers by.... a lovely write Gellena! :-)